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Classes and Services

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Positive Births


Bellycasting  $65.00
Babywearing-How to use wraps
Blessingway Facilator $50.00 and up 
A blessingway is a babyshower for the Mom.  Please email or call for more details.
Childbirth Classes Group and Private
The group classes is 5 wks and includes newborn and postpartum education.  Private will be done around each couple.  Group class is $60.00 and private is $100.00. Some insurance will cover childbirth classes.
Happiest Baby on the Block- This class shows how to quite any baby that is crying or fussy and to help sleep better!  Learn about the missing 4th trimester, the calming reflex, the 5 s's and the cuddle cure.  Seen on Dr. Phil and Good morning America.  Includes DVD and CD for each person or couple. This classes is now being covered by most insurances.  Email or call to sign up.
Postpartum Doula Services I offer breastfeeding support, newborn care, emotional support, light cleaning, light cooking, laundry, sibling transtion, help with baby sleeping longer through the night. $25.00 hr with a minimum of 4 hrs a day. Most insurance will reimburse. Labor Doula Services
I will provide at least two prenatel visits and be there from the time you want me to come to your birth to 1 hour after birth and one postpartum visit.  Also you can call me anytime with questions.  During one of my prenatel visits I will do a childbirth refresher class with you.  I will do a Initial consultation for free to meet with you to see if you would like to hire me.  I will work out payment plan with you or help you see if your insurance will cover the services.  Also offer discount for single moms. Also you will exchanges services for my doula services. For example if you paint houses or do landscaping, etc...
Some insurances will reimburse or flex plans at work.

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