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Positive Births

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Pregnant?  You deserve a doula!!

Having a Labor and Postpartum Doula can help you have a positive birth experience and Postpartum period. reduce risks read on....

Having a labor doula has been shown (in studies) to reduce the need for drugs, c-sections, forceps, shorter labor and episiotomy.  A Doula does not replace the partner she is there to be part of a team. Dads with doulas have reported that they were more relaxed with a support of a doula and where able to support there partner better because of this.  Doula is a greek word meaning woman servant.  A labor doula supports a woman throught her pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum.  She can use massage, aromatherapy, coping techniques and continous reassurances.  A doula does not replace a doctor or midwife.  A doula is there for any type of birth, c-section, epidural and natural.  By having a positive birth experience it has shown that mothers go into motherhood being a more positive which helps in you being a more confident mother.

Postpartum Doula

Often when new parents arrive home, their time is devoted to falling in love with this brand new baby and they ultimately neglect themselves. They forget to eat, and rest, and believe us nobody is prepared for the sleep deprivation, lack of free time, nursing schedule, and overwhelming change a new baby brings. Your world is about to change, in countless, wonderful ways! Let me ease your transition to parenthood. Having a Postpartum Doula will allow you the time to rest and recover while providing the nonjudgemental educational, emotional, and physical support new parents seek. While each birth and baby is different, if you are not a first time mom you might not be so worried about bringing home a new baby. Seasoned veterans can benefit from the comfort and regular sleep schedule Postpartum Doula offers. Second and third-time parents can take advantage of quality bonding time with their newborn and an easier recovery from delivery. Postpartum doulas can be there to ease the transition for your older child(ren), allowing you to spend quality time with each child and helping you let go of the stress or even guilt of learning to juggle this new family dynamic.

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